We Are From Canada

The land of long cold winters, overwhelmingly beautiful nature, thousands of lakes and most magical autumns in the world, where people love maple leafs as much as they love nature. So much so that we started using maple leafs not only in our food but also in our skincare products (more on that later).

What Is Everjoyn ?

Everjoyn represents the mind, body, spirit connection and the joy we experience when all three are aligned. It’s a holistic approach to health and well-being, we call it Holistic Wellness Optimization™

practicing yoga holistic wellness optimization

Holistic Wellness Optimization™

Mindful living and conscious parenting is our philosophy and what got us started on this journey. We believe it goes hand in hand with holistic wellness.

It goes beyond just buying organic or researching the safest products for our families.

It’s about taking moments throughout the day to be fully present with our environment.

It’s about creating a set of beliefs that will allow children to thrive and blossom into their most authentic self and reach their full potential.

It’s about raising children in such a way that they have as little as possible to ‘unlearn‘ later on in life.


Hey! We're Ana & Stefan

Everjoyn is more than business for us, it’s personal. For years now we have been striving to educate ourselves about holistic health and wellness. It’s an intrinsic part of our day to day and we are constantly learning new things. Over the years, we’ve encountered our own health challenges which got us started on this journey to create products and resources for ourselves and our families that will support our holistic lifestyle — and now we are so excited to be able to share them with the world.


Powered by Plants

We use only pure, all-natural, wildcrafted and organic superfood ingredients — mostly harvested from forests and farms in Ontario, Canada where our company is based — to create premium skin and hair care products that you can understand and trust to be good for your family.


Inspired by Mindfulness

We choose each ingredient with the purpose of nourishing your body, mind and spirit and purposely design our packaging with ‘Mindful Moments‘ — positive quotes that help cultivate mindfulness in the present moment and empower you to live a more healthy, natural and holistic lifestyle.

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Introducing Our Very First Ambassador

Meet Jessica Boscarini, founder of Healthy, Fit, Fab Moms. Jessica is a holistic nutritionist, health & wellness coach, fitness instructor and mom to four little ones. She became our very first ambassador and helped us launch our first product — Awaken Shampoo & Body Wash for Kids.


Be Our Next Ambassador

We are always seeking meaningful partnerships with people who share our values. Want to be our next Ambassador and share how you use Everjoyn products? Click below for all the details.