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Jessica Boscarini is a mom to three little ones and also a Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Chef and Fitness Instructor – so she had made it her job to be healthy!

After overcoming an eating disorder and becoming pregnant with her fist child, Jessica noticed how her skin became super sensitive to products that she had been using her entire life. That’s when she realized that holistic wellness and taking care of your body as a whole is the secret to your overall well-being. 

After her own transformation, Jessica’s focus is solely to make a difference in as many lives as possible and inspire all of those around her that being healthy and happy truly starts on the inside and that the best way to help others is to first help yourself.

We all have our own stories of adversity, but when you hear of other’s struggles and how they overcame them, it helps you to see past your own and reminds you that we are all on this journey together! 

We invite your to join our community of conscious parents and let us help you through this journey of parenthood, so we can all do it together and live happier and healthier lives.

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