Behind The Brand: Take a peek behind-the-scenes of Everjoyn Organics™ products development

Transparency is one of the core foundations of our brand.

We have no secrets – we love to share behind-the-scenes of the product development with our community and want to show you the progress we make as a company. It’s super important to us that our brand remains different.

Our goal is to not just present to you a perfect product but to include you in the entire journey and show you the “imperfect” process we oftentimes have to go through in order to that to that final, perfect product.

In today’s post, Jessica takes you behind the scenes and shows you samples of some of the products that we have been developing for Everjoyn Organics.

You can watch the video or if you prefer to read the post below.

Research & Development

Today I have something really exciting to share! I finally received my samples of the latest products that are going to be part of Everjoyn Organics™ line and I want you guys to take a look with me!

If you haven’t ever really been a part of building a product, which most people haven’t (I know I haven’t before), there’s so much that goes into it! We had been in the R&D phase for over a year now and we are finally about to release our first set of products! We’re going to start with a baby and then move on to the moms and the beauty products.

Everything we make at Everjoyn is natural and organic, there’s very minimal ingredients, it’s all USDA approved which means that the products are actually edible (not that I wouldn’t necessarily eat shampoo, but you could and it’s not going to harm you in any way).

As I had mentioned in my previous posts, I have very sensitive skin, my kids have very sensitive skin and so that’s basically what started me in this whole “there has to be a better way” than your traditional products.

Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash Sample


I wanted to show you the babies products first, so let’s get started.

Organic Shampoo + Body Wash for Babies & Kids

First product I want to show you is our baby shampoo and body wash.

So here is the baby wash, it’s in a little stout but again these are just sample bottles. It smells so good! All of our products are aloe based – which is great!

  • Aloe-Vera is great for you, it really helps to moisturize and heal the skin – thanks to the vitamin E in it.
  • We use Aloe-Vera juice instead of water, unlike most other companies who add water into their products to water them down and obviously it makes it cheaper…so they get more money.
  • We want to do the best, so we put USDA organic Aloe Vera in all our products.

There’s also orange peel in our baby shampoo and body wash which is great and it makes it smell really good! There’s even lavender in here too and lavender is really soothing and calming for your skin. We all know when we bathe our babies we want them to calm down, usually a lot of times it’s right before bed that we give them a bath so that helps them just kind of ease in the sleep.

Everjoyn – Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash Sample

Organic Baby Diaper Balm

Next I want to talk to you about our organic diaper balm.

So if your kids are anything like mine, super sensitive skin– I literally put some kind of balm on them every single time that I change their diapers. At the times that I don’t, they break out in a rash…not good…they’re not happy…it makes me not happy…but this stuff is great! It’s thicker than a lot of creams you’ll see and it goes on so smooth. I’ve literally used ten plus different types of creams on my children and I have to say that this is the best I’ve used!

There’s coconut oil in here, there’s shea butter–it doesn’t smell like anything, which I actually prefer. Those are very sensitive areas a lot of times scents, no matter how holistic or natural they are, can still cause a little irritation. So it’s super nice to know that there’s really nothing in here that’s gonna bother your baby’s bottom! 🙂

Everjoyn – Organic Baby Diaper Balm Sample

Organic Baby Face & Body Lotion

Next I want to talk about the baby face and body lotion. I got it in a little tub like this, it smells with that orange, citrus-y scent again, basically like the shampoo and body wash. It’s very rich, thick, it rubbed in super nicely.

It’s a little greasy when you first touch it, but it actually rubs into your skin and it really helps to moisturize. I feel like a lot of the lotions that you use are watered down and very cheaply made. But, like I had mentioned all our products have aloe vera in it as the base, so this really makes the product thicker, it makes it absorb really well and it actually carries in the vitamins into your skin so you’re moisturizing at a deeper level, which is very important.

There is coconut oil in here and shea butter, which we use a lot just because of the anti microbial aspect of it and the fact that it draws in the moisture, keeps it in and it really helps your skin.

So this product is great for your baby and us mom can use it too (I know I do!).

Everjoyn – Organic Baby Massage Oil

Organic Baby Massage Oil

Next product I want to talk about is the baby massage oil.

So, it’s really nice to give your baby a massage and if you haven’t done it. It really helps to calm them. Just like us adults, a lot of times we get tense and need to wind down, giving your baby a massage will help do that! Massage oil is just great in general, for the extra dry skin during the winter months.

So here is our massage oil–there’s some hibiscus in it, which is very lovely, there’s also vanilla so it smells great, there is more of the orange peel as I mentioned this in the other products. So all the all the products kind of flow together and you can use them synergistically. You don’t want too many scents going on and then feel like you came out of a flower shop. All of our scents are very mild and everything that is in our products is there for a purpose.

Again, this is great and rubs in really nicely! Of course it feels a little oily at first because it is an oil, but it doesn’t stick around, it’s not something that’s like slimy and you necessarily feel like you have to wash your hands. You can just rub it in your skin and then you’re good to go!

Organic Bubble Bath for Babies & Kids

So our last product is our bubble bath. It’s going to have that orange peel citrus-y scent again it’s gonna be tear free–everything that you want for your babies! My oldest kids still like to do bubble baths too, I mean even us adults like bubble bath so having the bubble bath is just a nice extra little product touch that we want to do to help make our kids happy and it makes us happy too! 🙂

baby, child, field


Now that we have talked about all the baby products, I want to get into the moms beauty products as well.

We wanted to take the whole concept of natural, organic, as holistic as possible, from the baby products and meld it into a product for us moms as well. We believe that having everything as natural as possible is the best way to go for your skin helping you from the inside out.

Organic Maple Leaf Collection

First, what I want to talk about is a maple leaf extract.

All our products are made in Canada and we all know that the maple leaves are big in Canada! But did you know that maple leaf extracts when combined together are actually just as good as Botox, so they say?

There has been a lot of research recently, it’s all new but basically saying that if you topically apply this on your skin, you are gonna get results as good as Botox.

I’ve never done Botox nor will I ever do Botox because I am so sensitive and I just know something horrible would happen to my skin but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look young, right!? So by putting these maple leaf extracts into our products, it’s like topically giving ourselves Botox!

We have a serum and a moisturizer that all contain these maple leaf extracts which I think are gonna be amazing!

Organic Face Serum with Maple Leaf Extracts

Here is the the serum infused with three types of maple leaf extracts–red, stripped and sugar! It smells almost sweet, when you put it on your skin it just instantaneously feels refreshing! It is so lovely, I can’t tell you how much I really enjoy this stuff!

Organic Face Cream with Maple Leaf Extracts

The second product is a moisturizer, also infused with red, sugar and stripped maple leaf extracts. It has the same scent, it’s not oily at all and it just gives you that nice glow that you’re going for! You can put it on at night and in the morning or whatever feels good for you. This is a product that I know you’re gonna love!

Everjoyn – Organic Maple Leaf Infused Serum & Moisturizer Sample

Organic Alternative to Retinol + Hyaluronic Acid

Tremella Face Serum – organic alternative to HA

Another product that’s part of our beauty line is the Tremella serum.

So Tremella is a type of mushroom. We all know that there’s tons of medicinal mushrooms out there that are really good when we digest them and Tremella is one of those as well. But, Tremella is also great when applied topically–not only is there a lot of vitamin D in it, which is great for our skin as you know from the sunshine–but it’s also filled with a moisturizing complex, so it really helps to draw the moisture in.

Tremella is actually an alternative to a Hyaluronic Acid, which as you know can cause redness and irritation especially for those with very sensitive skin. So this is a great alternative and it just makes you feel brighter when you apply it. It’s almost like you can feel the tightening in your skin. I tried it and I loved it and I know you will too! Like everything else that we talked about all of these products have aloe vera in them, so again there’s not the water factor there just pure aloe, organic, natural ingredient.

Everjoyn – Organic Tremella Serum Sample

Bakuchiol Face Serum – organic alternative to Retinol

Finally the last products for us moms that I want to show you today is our the bakuchiol serum.

Bakuchiol, if you haven’t heard of it, is an alternative to retinol. Retinol is pretty much in everything, it’s in an eye cream, it’s in moisturizers. It’s all the rage for anything in regards to “looking younger” and “feeling younger”, but we made a bakuchiol serum as an organic alternative!

So you’re not gonna get the redness, you’re not gonna get any of those negative side effects from the synthetic vitamin A that is retinol. Our bakuchiol serum is a natural alternative and is great! Again, it does not have a super strong scent and it’s very light. It draws in the moisture and it instantly makes you look more awake and glowing.

This is a really great product and I’m so excited to get these out on store shelves and to let you guys know about it.

Everjoyn – Organic Bakuchiol Serum Sample

What’s Next?

Now, I really want to hear from you guys! I want to hear what’s your favorite and what you want to see next?

As I mentioned, our baby body wash and shampoo is the first product that we’re launching, but we haven’t quite decided what we’re going to bring in as number two! So I want you guys to let me know! If it’s going to be from the baby line–do you guys want the diaper balm, are you guys more into the lotion? Do you want the bubble bath or massage oil next?

We want to hear from you, so please check out our website and let us know what you think! If you are interested, you can also join our VIP group become part of our pre-orders and you can get great discounts!

Join The Movement

Holistic Wellness and Conscious Parenting is where Everjoyn started and is how we want to build up this company.

As I had mentioned in our previous videos, Conscious Parenting is about thinking within about how you’re acting towards your family on the outside. A lot of what we do is really subconscious, we don’t realize how we’re acting, a lot of it we’re just pulling from memories that we had and experiences that we had as a child and that helps form how we act now.

Conscious Parenting is thinking about what we’re gonna do before we do it, how we react and why we are reacting a certain way and then changing that for the better. Whether it be how you treat your kids when they do something wrong, when they spill on the floor, when they hit their sister, how we want to raise our family as a whole, the products that we use–all of that comes into that whole conscious parenting aspect of it all and is why we’re starting Everjoyn.

We really want to create a movement here and have Conscious Parenting be that foundation.

We want you to join and help us to make Everjoyn a company that not only you enjoy the products, but that you can really feel good about as a whole and as a community!

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