Handcrafted in Ontario, Canada with only 9 simple, plant-based ingredients that you can understand and trust to be good for your baby's skin and for the Earth too!


We never add toxic ingredients to our products. You will never find parabens, sulfates, SLS, synthetics, harsh chemicals and toxic preservatives in any of our products.


Many similar products on the market today are made with 70-80% water — just check the first ingredient on the label!

The problem with water-based products is that they attract bacteria and mold so they require a bunch of preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Also, water attracts water so products containing water draw the moisture out of the skin and cause dehydration.


Our mantra is Holistic Wellness Optimization™ and it shows in our product line.

Inspired by mindful living and conscious parenting, our labels are designed with 'Mindful Moments', positive quotes and affirmations that promote mindfulness and self-awareness in parents and keep them encouraged and uplifted.